The future is Brite.

We are Brite. 


Brite is a second generation FinTech challenger based in Stockholm. Working for first generation fintech companies before founding Brite, our people have previously been part of building European FinTech success stories such as Klarna, Qliro, Trustly, Tink and SOFORT, to name a few. Together we are now working to bring you modern payment solutions that are more accessible and more affordable.


We are developers.

The biggest group of people here at Brite are developers. We are an Open Banking first company, meaning our platform is specifically built to enable the most reliable and compliant way of doing account-to-account payments using the banks dedicated Open Banking APIs.


Cash is king no more. Today, practically all financial transactions are handled digitally. At Brite we build on the foundation laid by European payment companies who shook the status quo in the early 2000s, to create payments that are secure, reliable and affordable. So, whether you are a bank, insurance company, online retailer, video game company, or something else, we are bold enough to say that your future is Brite.